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the right military hardware and go to the battle zone to find the most grounded players. You can use an open arsenal to wreck your opponents and start putting them on the world record table.
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Jan 21, 2022
Android 5.0 and up
135.01 Mb
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Tank Stars is an air arcade game allows Android users to fight in battles against tanks. Choose the right military hardware and go to the battle zone to find the most grounded players. You can use an open arsenal to wreck your opponents and start putting them on the world record table. Two-dimensional pictures with beautiful tones can transport you to a wonderful, immersive world for an extended period of time. Besides concentrating on winning, Win gets a number of improvements that improve the probability of winning. You can directly download Tank Stars Mod APK from our website.

As such, Tank Stars is designed to allow the customer to join tank fighting to reach and rush the experience and to join the tank fighting style arcade, which will be designed with the best illustrations available to make the game more exciting. This game has also been designed for perfect gaming modes and troubles and is completely complimentary for users. You are a top player of the game if you have no chance of surviving the opposition.

Additional information Of Tank Stars MOD APK

Name:                                     Tank Stars

Updated:                                Jan 21, 2022

Compatible with:                  Android 5.0+

Last version:                         1.6.4

Size:                                       135.01 Mb

MOD:                                      Unlocked everything, money

Category:                               Arcade

Developer:                             Playgendary

Price:                                      Free

Google Play Link:                 com.playgendary.tanks

Tank Stars MOD APK Story/Gameplay

Android gamers can now enjoy the fun of arcade tank shooting in Tank Stars, where you can take control of amazing tanks with incredible abilities. You’ll have many opportunities to fight against your opponents in many exciting turn-based tank battles throughout the game. Ensure that your canons are pointed in the right direction and gun down your rounds with explosive effects and unique explosions. You can knock the opponents down by reducing their HP gauge or shoot them off the cliff with your shots.

You can always choose and make full use of the various weapons in the game. You can unlock many different upgrades to make your tanks and weapons more powerful. Create a range of tactics and approaches to the different in-game levels, each offering a unique gameplay experience. You can also enjoy online matches with friends and other online gamers. You will enjoy some awesome in-game experiences.

Features of Tank Stars MOD APK

The following are all the exciting features of the game:

Touch controls and simple gameplay

To Tank Stars’ intuitive and accessible controls enable Android gamers to quickly engage themselves in arcade tank action, thanks to the awesome gameplay. Use your tank to shoot the perfect shot, aim your cannons, and control the time of your shots to take down your opponents. You will be able to quickly engage in the game and enjoy its accessible features thanks to the intuitive controls and available guides.

Levels with escalating gameplay

Additionally, Android users can also take advantage of its escalating gameplay and unlockable features in Tank Stars. You can explore awesome maps filled with interesting settings and interesting attributes. At the same time, the escalating power of the opponents will certainly make the game more exciting.

Graphics and user interface:


Although the game uses simple 2D graphics, it still manages to impress Android gamers with its colorful and engaging graphics. Tank battles would be extremely realistic if they used powerful visual effects, interesting animations, and great physics. Furthermore, the smooth and satisfying gameplay guarantees that you’ll be able to fully enjoy the game.

Sound & Music

Along with its enjoyable gameplay, Tank Stars also features amazing audio experiences that will keep players engaged during tank battles. With the game’s new soundtracks, you will always be able to enjoy the game’s peaceful and pleasing sound effects.

Features of Tank Stars Mod Apk

Mod Menu

There is a Mod Menu UI in Tank Stars Mod apk, which the player can use to enable and disable mod features during gameplay. Any mod feature can be disabled or enabled by using Mod Menu. In Tank Stars Mod Menu, you will find God Mod, Unlimited Fuel, Skip Enemy Shoot, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Chests, Unlocked All Tanks and All Modes, and No Ads/Diamond Membership.

God Mod

Tank Stars Mod Menu Apk allows you to use God Mod features. When you enable God Mod, your tank will be unstoppable. It is only available in the Tournament and Vs Computer modes.

Unlimited Fuel

By using this feature, you will have an unlimited supply of fuel, so you can move your tank over and over again without running out.

Skip Enemy Shoot

Using this feature, the enemy cannot shoot you during his turn. Press the button at the end of your turn to prevent the enemy tank from shooting. If the enemy moves from his place, you must press it again. This button works only in Vs computer and Tournament mode.

Unlimited Gems, Coins, and Chests

As soon as you go to the mod menu, you will be given unlimited amounts of coins, gems, and chests. With the coins, games, and chests you can upgrade any tank or weapon, and open as many chests as you wish.

All Tanks Unlocked

Utilizing this mod feature, you can unlock all the tanks in-game instantly, including the VIP tanks. However, the tanks will not be able to be upgraded. There is also the option to buy tanks with unlimited coins.

Unlock All Modes

Through this mod feature, all game modes (Against Friend, Online PvP, and Tournament) can be unlocked.

Diamond Membership/No Ads

If you use this feature, you will be able to remove all the ads in the game as well as receive the diamond membership for free.

How to download Tank Stars Mod File

  1. The next Download page will open when you click the “Download Now” button.
  2. Click the Download button on the next page to download the file.
  3. In the notification bar, you can see the file downloading.
  4. You can find more apps on our website daily, so bookmark this page.

How to Install Tank Stars Mod Apk on Android:

You will need to enable the installation of apps from 3rd parties from unknown sources before you can download Tank Stars Mod Apk. This is done by enabling the “Allow installation of apps from unknown devices” option.

This feature allows you to download apps from any third-party website, as well as install apps from other sources besides Google Play Store.

Thus, the question arises, how can this feature be enabled to enable the apps to install?

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to the settings for your mobile device.
  2. Next, click on Additional settings.
  3. Click on the privacy menu.
  4. You can choose to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources from this menu.
  5. Check this box to enable it

After you enable the feature, the app is automatically installed on your mobile device

  1. Click on the Apk file that you downloaded.
  2. Please wait for a few seconds until the app is installed on your mobile device.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you will see an open button. When this is clicked, the application will open.

How to Install Tank Stars Mod Apk in iPhone (IOS):

You can run Android apps on your iPhone by following the steps below

  1. From your browser, you can download Dalvik the Emulator for iOS
  2. Install the emulator by following the setup instructions
  3. Install the Android Apps as a last step and enjoy

How to Install Tank Stars Mod Apk on PC

Follow the below steps to run android apps on your pc or laptop

  1. Download BlueStacks Emulator for your PC.
  2. You need to install BlueStacks
  3. Then you can download the Android apps and enjoy them

Is Tank Stars a multiplayer game?

Yes, it’s an exciting multiplayer game that you can play with your friends by building tanks together and taking control of their own arena.

How do I play Tank Stars?

To begin, the player must select a weapon then shoot accurately at the enemy in World War and hear the blasts of destruction as the enemy is destroyed, and this battle is the one that decides whether the player wins or loses.

How do I change the username in Tank Stars?

There is a cost associated with changing usernames. Logging into the War gaming ID account and visiting account management is the first step. Selecting the edit button on the right of the username will allow the player to insert a new name and select payment methods in order to change the name.

How do I download Tank Stars for PC?

The player has to install an android emulator that’s compatible with their PC in order to download Tank Stars on PC. After that, the player logs in to their Google account and opens the Play Store. Tank Stars can be found there and then installed and played directly.


In comparison to similar games, Tank Stars has an addicting and fast gameplay coupled with good graphics and VFX.

Additionally, the game has numerous features such as multiple game modes, online multiplayer, and many tank types, weapons, and upgrades.

In addition, some tanks can’t be unlocked with in-game currency because the game contains too many ads.

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