Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)


Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad' is the latest addition to the series of ocean survival games that features new enemies and gadgets, rpg elements, survival on an island, and ocean exploration.
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Sep 30, 2021
Android 4.4+ And Up
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‘Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad’ is the latest addition to the series of ocean survival games that features new enemies and gadgets, rpg elements, survival on an island, and ocean exploration. Improve and construct a raft so you can survive the ocean, defend it from sharks, and explore the universe. Get all of our best survival simulation games in one game!

With Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean you’ll be the luckiest person on earth to have the chance to live after an accident. Sadly, the plane that you were riding crashed into the sea because of an incident. The only person who survived is you, who is floating on the water. Let go of modern life with all its doubts. It’s time for you to demonstrate your ability to adapt to this new environment.

Food fish are edible, but they are also capable of taking your life. With Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean, you can survive with the basics. It is not easy to live in the ocean.

Additional information Of Raft Survival MOD APK

NameSurvival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean
PublisherMegaplay Studios Free Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Features of Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad MOD APK

  • Several hundred weapons and items
  • An open world to explore
  • Realistic HD graphics in 3D
  • Island survival
  • Improvements in raft building

Survival tips for the apocalypse:

The following are some survival tips during the apocalypse:

Catch items and resources using your hook.

Shark games have a lot of useful resources right at your fingertips. Assembling rafts is made easy by the abundance of chests and barrels floating around in the ocean and wrecks are great material for rafts in ocean games. Even weapons and tools may be found on the raft, so keep your hook in the water!

Craft weapon and armour.

The prey in shark games can easily change the rules so that they become the hunters. Pick from hundreds of guns, two-handed blades, armor parts, and other weapons to protect your floating base and to hunt sharks. Build the perfect arsenal and always be prepared for battle.

Be sure to defend your raft.

As you have one more thing to deal with, you should evolve and become more aggressive in the sea. Sharks from other survivor games are now joining the shark in attacking the raft. There is no escape from a shark, so be prepared to shoot and swing all night and day!

Develop and upgrade.

If you’re playing survival games in the ocean, it is important to keep an eye on your raft. In order to feel secure, you don’t just need a couple of wooden planks glued together. During survival simulator games, you can create any type of raft you want by expanding the height and width. Additionally, there are upgrades to aid you in survival in the ocean, such as fishing improvement, storage space extension.

Discover the ocean.

Do you ever wonder if there’s a lost land with forest woods, jungles, and creatures like animals in this ocean without end? It has now been implemented as an amazing feature from our other island survival games. Explore the ocean and islands in the surrounding area rather than staying idle. How is it that they hide wonders of the medieval era?

Do they hide treasures of the royal court or tigers and dinosaurs from the Jurassic age or even an old air force plane wreckage? Additionally, you can upgrade your raft and find resources on the islands. It is not necessary for you to own an ark or ship to get there in shark games – a simple boat will do, and may the stars guide you.

Read about the apocalypse.

The world was turned into an endless ocean due to an unknown destructive cataclysm, and the last survivors are confined on scattered islands like prison inmates waiting to find their homes. Finding them and discovering what happened, finding other survivors, and joining them is the goal of our raft game.

Survive on a raft.

There are new enemies, new gadgets, and different options in the newest release of our offline survival simulator video games. Take part in an epic survival journey with Ocean Nomad sport. You can play with no internet or wifi and come back to work the following day! Share the results online with your friends!

Mod Apk Features of Raft Survival

  • Money Unlimited
  • All premium features are unlocked
  • The unlimited number of coins
  • All levels unlocked
  • You won’t see any ads
  • Unrestricted Resources
  • Lots of gadgets and weapons
  • Exploration of the open world
  • 3D graphics in HD that is sensible
  • Island survival
  • Improved raft construction

How to download Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad Mod File

  1. “Raft Survival MOD APK” can be downloaded from here.
  2. The Download Apk can be installed without an internet connection.
  3. Start the Installer and follow the instructions.
  4. Install it in your Android device completely
  5. Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources with MOD APK App.

What is Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad all about?

In Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad, you must find food, make new friends and guard yourself against waves. Apkedeed has a free MOD APK version of the game available right now.

How do I begin playing this incredible game?

The first thing you have to do is collect resources and find a raft. The ocean depths can be explored by collecting trash, copper, sand, or other objects.

What do I do with the resources I collect?

By collecting enough items, you can craft new items like fishing rods that let you catch food and a hook for collecting trash.

Where can I find friends?

Seeing your raft will attract other players, so keep an eye out for them as well! Or simply type “Hello” in the chat box.” or any other greeting you desire.

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